services overview

Rich Shipping aims to be a one-stop service provider. We research all routing options, Customs formalities and other costs to ensure that your goods will be delivered efficently and safely to your destinated location at our best value.

Whatever you want to transport, we will get it there on time with our competitive price. We work hard to meet and exceed your expectations.

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Information Technology

We are one of the first freight forwarding companies that implement EDI and internet computer technology in data processing and communication. We can also design special EDI data format and platform based on agents and customers special request.


I. T. Functions
EDI Telex Release (315)
EDI Manifest (310)
EDI Pick-Up No. (315)
EDI Customs Release (315)
EDI Port/Rail In/Out Gate(322)
EDI Customs (XML)


Rich Shipping America, Inc offers a wide variety of import and export freight and logistics services

Air Freight
Ocean Freight
Customs Clearance
Online Cargo Tracking
Global Agents Network
Information & Technology

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